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My name is Pema Tsering Gurung and I was born in Kuwa (Ku); I left my family when I was about 7 years old and went to the big city of Kathmandu for schooling, not knowing where was going on there and what to expect.

I was admitted in the Snowland Ranag orphanage school where I completed my lower secondary schooling and later graduated from Islington College higher secondary school. Today, I realize that I had been extremely lucky to get these opportunities because most children there, and even now, do not have the chance to attend secondary school. I am very thankful to my parents and to the school for their help to be who I am today.

I decided to move forward with my studies and get a Bachelor’s degree. However, one teacher who was supposed to teach in Ku fell sick and I was requested by the villagers to teach their children. This left me in a real quandary: should I pursue my studies or return to my village as a teacher? Even asking my friends for advice did not help in this difficult decision-making process.

As a native from Ku I felt responsible and understood that a lot of hope rested in me at the village. Was I the right person to help them? In the end, I decided to go back home as a local volunteer teacher. After ten days of hard trekking I finally arrived in Ku.

A teacher’s life in Dolpo is hard since there is not only a lack of educational resources such as textbooks, notebooks, pencils and classrooms but also a lack of food and adequate clothing. Additionally, we have to do the cooking; both for ourselves and the students. There is no time for a private life. Yet, when I started teaching I fell in love with the children immediately. Their enthusiasm and energy for everything we were doing made me enjoy every single lesson and happiness filled my heart.

After some months, it was time for me to leave my village and return to Kathmandu. I wanted to find a way to provide the students with food, shelter, clothes and to establish a better education.

When the day came for me to leave, all the children surrounded me and one, sitting on my lap, asked, “Pema, Sir, are you coming back next year or not?” Shedding tears I promised to return with many books, notebooks, pencils and school uniforms; enough for every one of them. I`ll never forget the joy in their eyes.

On reaching Kathmandu I had various projects in mind. Finally, I founded “The Rising Ku.” This project is to protect a child`s right to education that not only plays an important role in reducing poverty and child labour but promotes democracy, peace, tolerance, development and economic growth alike. I have made it my mission in life to take care of the children from Ku. I want to share their journey into a brighter future.

However, this project cannot move forward without your support.

Please, become a friend and supporter of “The Rising Ku“. As little as the price you pay for your daily cup of tea or coffee will enable a child to go to school and be provided with the basics.

We therefore always need your support, either individual or collective, to be able to support the childrens of Himalayas region.

100% of the donations received by The Rising KU are donated to the kids of Himalayas region in their education and health sector.

Thank you in advance.

Pema Tsering Gurung
The Rising Ku
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The Rising Ku, non-governmental organization works to provide and support education to the vulnerable children of Ku Village in the Upper Dolpo.

The main motto is to eradicate illiteracy rae of Ku village by imparting knowledge to Himalayan children. 

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Shey Phoksundo RM-7, Ku, Dolpa

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+977 9869 877 634

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