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The Rising Ku

“The Rising Ku” is a social welfare organization registered under the provisional law of the District Department of Dolpa (RegtNo.259/2075/076, PANNo.608820941). It works to provide and support education to childrenand students in Tashi Sumdho Basic School in Ku, a very remoted small village in upper-Dolpa, closed to the Tibetan border.

Our works also includes the operation of the school and infrastructure projects, as well as assisting the community with their basic health care services for the children and the villagers.  

Our organization believes that what you have can change the dreams of others people life.


The primary mission of the school target is to uplifting the underprivileged society by schooling the new generation in well established with quality education and modern innovative ideas by concerning the landscape, culture and community values. We vision to provide quality school education for our children in Ku village to develop their potential to the full and to prepare them for the challenges in life.

Being an officially recognized charity the village hopes that it will be easier to generate additional support in the future because it shows that the community takes this very seriously and care about its development.

Tashi Sumdho Basic School

Tashi Sumdho Basic school  started officially  in the year 2007 with the joint efforts of involvement of local community and Mr. Dawa Samduk (local resident of Bhijer). Back then before the establishment of school, villagers of Ku Village used to send their children to Bhijer village for schooling which is quite near and takes almost 1 day to reach there. Later on, school was officially founded in Ku village in 2011 with fulfilling an official requirements and registration procedure of government law.

In 2014, Khen Rinpoche Mr. Nyima Dhondup ( a local and well respected monk staying in Malaysia) invest himself by helping the school of  the village.  Key points fro him were improvement of education and own life for the village. Mr. PemaTsering Gurung (coordinator of school) is actually managing the school together with the teacher team . He had   educational opportunity for learning in the school in Kathmandu , and he decided to go back to his village for giving back what he learnt and received with the goal for improving education for children

The school can effectively operate. Thanks to  the support of different NGO & INGO’s from domestic state  and foreign countries as well like : Freunde-Nepals, Pemma Choeling Buddhist Society, Nepal Per Te Tashi Delek, Dautari Project, Himalayan Current, Deutsche Tibethilfe, Altitude Project, Tripod of Koma, Revivalof Bijer are some of our major donors who provide basic financial assistance to “The Rising Ku”.

Nowadays there are about 43 regular students (only around 55% of the total potential number of studentsin the village)and five teachers going to the school, but the number of students vary due to householdworks and poor sense of literacy in the community.

The main goal of the school is not only to offer the typical Nepalese education curriculum, but also to maintain and preserve the local culture through teaching children Tibetan language and culture and the sense of community.

The academic study phases of a school only lasts for 6 months i.e from May to October. Because of weather challenges and winter season of 6 months, we are not able to run school for 12 months. The school is up grade class 4 only, because of the limitated student amount for higher grades. Because geographical and topographical circumstances, it is very difficult to access the educational materials, wood, stones and construction material to build new classroom. We are struggling and fighting to provide our children the best education as possible and we expect soon to extend classes up to grade 5 . For further study, we are sending our children to ‘Mukporong Himal Basic School’ – Bhijer.

Our Child, Our Future

Contribute to the Children of Ku Village for their better future

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams


To glows our future, education is the top priority. Education consider as the tools for the future of the family, the society, and the transmission of culture to the future generations of the Ku Village. Better future of Himalaya children cannot be complete without appropriate education. The main goal of ‘The Rising Ku’ is therefore schooling children from disadvantaged families of the Himalayas region of Ku village.


Better health is central to human happiness and well-being. The inhabitants in remote and isolated places of Himalayas region still these generation are not able to gets their basic health care services. Due to geographical difficulties, living in the Himalayas region, it will take a day to reach the health posts. Therefore, we have sets up our mission to work in health sector in order to provide basic health services and hygiene awareness.


In many parts of Himalayas region, environmental hindrances had been very serious that includes deforestation and erosion of soil etc. We have been planting willow tree in surrounding of school to control deforestation and degradation of environment. We even use to distribute sampling seeds of vegetables to the villagers for their healthy life. Focus: a. Afforestation, b. Solid waste management and c. Environment.

Word From The Founder

My name is Pema Tsering Gurung and I was born in Kuwa (Ku); I left my family when I was about 7 years old and went to the big city of Kathmandu for schooling, not knowing where was going on there and what to expect. 

I was admitted in the Snowland Ranag orphanage school where I completed my lower secondary schooling and later graduated from Islington College higher secondary school.


Building a Better Future

Help us safeguard the future of the vulnerable children living in the Ku Village of the Upper Dolpo region.

Our Partners

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The Rising Ku, non-governmental organization works to provide and support education to the vulnerable children of Ku Village in the Upper Dolpo.

The main motto is to eradicate illiteracy rae of Ku village by imparting knowledge to Himalayan children. 

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Shey Phoksundo RM-7, Ku, Dolpa

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